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How to Develop Data Indicators for Products?

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Institutional product data metrics are a must for product managers. Phone Number List So how do you create product data indicators? What abilities are needed? This article introduces two points that need to be paid attention to in formulating product data indicators and the general logic of formulating product indicators, and share with you! System business indicators are almost every department and every position to do.


And a very important thing. Phone Number List Compared with the business indicators of other departments, the business indicators of products are a little more complicated, because there are more links involved; but the junior product managers generally do not involve this part of the content, and the work of the junior product managers is more.


Collect requirements Organize requirements Responsible for drawing a Phone Number List Phone Number List prototype of a function point Responsible for writing requirements documents Responsible for the advancement of a prototype and development Responsible for product launch etc. There are many types of business metrics for products:

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