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Station B, Which Is Accelerating Out of the Circle: When Will the Commercialization Knot Be Cut?

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Station B has been moving frequently in recent years. As a website that relies on two-dimensional elements, in the face of an increasingly competitive environment, Station B has fax number database been looking for a balance between community and commercialization. The author of this article will analyze three aspects of the development of station B, hoping to help you. In 2010, Station B was just a barrage video sharing platform created by Japanese comic fans, a small ACG (animation, comic, game) subculture community. Today, Bilibili has become a cultural community and video platform with a high concentration of young Chinese generation (the so-called "Generation Z").


In 2020, station B has made more people aware of it with many successful out-of-the-circle marketing. At present, it seems that going out of the circle is only the first step in the fax number database development of station B. In the field of Internet video, where major platforms are competing fiercely, we can see that B Station, which started with ACG content, is constantly breaking through itself, opening up more content areas, and creating a more diverse cultural community. 01 Continue to extend the boundaries ACG culture is the foundation of Station B, and "de-ACG" is of course just a joke circulating in the circle. But the diversified development of station B is indeed an irresistible trend. The two-dimensional culture is still a subculture in China after all, and its user group only points to a part of the youth group. The lifeblood of Internet products is users.


When ACG users tend to be saturated, opening up new cultural fax number database communities to attract more users is the only way for the development of Bilibili. When the mobile terminal (android) of Station B was launched in 2012, there were only five divisions on the home page, namely "New Series", "Compilation", "Animation", "Entertainment", and "Music". By 2020, the mobile terminal of Station B already has five divisions. 21 partitions, excluding 5 ACG-related partitions, and 16 non-ACG content partitions. In addition to the two-dimensional related content, users can also see many content such as lifestyle, entertainment, film and television, knowledge popularization, etc. at station B. In the 11th anniversary speech of Bilibili, Chairman and CEO Chen Rui mentioned the three missions of Bilibili in the future. From this, it is not difficult to see that the positioning of station B has changed. 

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